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Basic Elements of Web Design that Build a Website

Basic Elements of Web Design that Build a Website

"A Blend of Creativity And Art so Fine;

Plus some Visuals That’s Web Design!" 


Exactly! Something that is created and presented to an end user in the form of aesthetic and purposeful visual material ‘on the web’ is a web design. It can be innovative, it can be intriguing and it can be impressive, but more importantly – it has to be WORTH IT!

Simply put, web design is actually the planning, construction and finishing of a website. However, it consists of some fundamental components which unitedly work and form a synchronization in order to express itself as one perfectly complete website.

Do you want to build a website? Are you in search of a web design expert in Abu Dhabi who can help you with building such a website which suits all your needs and purposes, either commercial or personal, or whatever perhaps?

First, it is time for some 101! Here are the 5 basic elements of web design:

  1. Graphics

These are the pillars of your website. They keep web users engrossed so that they intend to take interest in your website and its content. Graphics can be anything – logos, pictorial representations, photos, interactive infographics, etc. As long as they fascinate the user, you are doing just fine!

  1. Content

The content on your website, just like anything in a meaningful life, should be relevant. Once you have ensured its relevance, there is a necessity to optimize this content while taking note of the sassy search engines which get delighted and convinced to shoot up your website in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) rankings, only if they are offered with some significant keywords.

  1. Layout

This particular ingredient of web design is all about the balance and the composure with which all the content on your website is presented to the end user. The aim, generally, is to make it easy for the user to navigate and reach to his or her desirable information with sheer convenience and grace.

  1. Colour

Here comes the purely artistic part! The colour of your website and its components should be decided as per the nature and theme of your brand or of your website’s main gist. Just do not forget to think about the particular segment which your target audience belongs to, before deciding upon your website’s colour quotients.

  1. Fonts

Fonts are like an unsung hero – they just win it for you without you knowing it. The size and style of fonts on your website must be browser-safe first of all, as various fonts are unreadable by web browsers. Secondly, they should enhance and configure your website’s overall design by giving it a subtle yet a sharp look.

Well, a proficient web design company for the Abu Dhabi region is what you genuinely need! Building a website requires you to take into account many complexities and aspects – of which, the permutations and combinations are everlasting until and unless, a reliable web design company serving for Abu Dhabi areaconfigures all of it for you.

A website should be designed in such a way that it attracts & mesmerizes customers, satisfies their needs & expectations, attracts search engines and stays away from glitches, broken links, lagging issues, etc. All of these pivotal requisites and demands tend to point at a renowned web design company providing services for Abu Dhabinamed ProbSol Technology! This web design company for Abu Dhabi region leaves no stone unturned in endowing you with an exquisite website having a tempting web design!

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