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Digital marketing in UAE Top 9 Tools & Benefits for Keyword Research

Digital marketing in UAE Top 9 Tools & Benefits for Keyword Research

Understanding and using keywords are crucial factors in digital marketing. Keywords are mostly categorized into 3 types – informational, commercial, & transactional. Additionally, they are also divided into short or generic, mid-tail, & long-tail keywords. Digital Marketing in UAE becomes the main mode of marketing and advertising for businesses as the digital world is a part of our lifestyle.

Types of Keywords in Digital Marketing in UAE:

Informational keywords:

When any user searches for some piece of information on something. This can be generic, short-tail, mid-tail, or long-tail. The users intention behind the search is to gather information about any product, service, research, educational information, and so on.

For example, Digital marketing in UAE is a short and generic keyword. Users may be searching for information in digital marketing, or digital marketing agencies in the UAE, or Digital Marketing programs and studies in UAE, etc. on the other hand, Learning digital marketing in UAE near me or Online of Digital Marketing in UAE is mid-tail informational keywords.

Commercial Keywords:

Commercial keywords are mainly used for searching information on any brand or business before a user takes a buying decision. For example: SEO tools & digital marketing tools and packages are commercial keywords, but they can be both short-tail and mid-tail. Users may try to find out about digital marketing tools and their benefits before taking any buying decision.

Transactional Keywords:

Usually, transactional keywords are long-tail keywords after users take a buying decision. These keywords are most crucial to hit by a user and give conversion. Businesses must use transactional keywords skillfully to stimulate users in the buyers journey and get a conversion. For example: start free trial for keyword research is a transactional keyword. Businesses such as SEMRush, Ahref, etc. offer free keyword research tools to add value to users and create prospects for their businesses. These tools are alluring users by giving a free-trial period to understand the usage and after a satisfactory outcome, they can buy with confidence. This is a loyalty offer for consumers to connect with the business in the long run.

Top 9 keyword research tools:

  • Google Trends:

    This tool shows the top inquiries from users for the present period on a certain topic or thing. This is a free tool and a crucial one to understand users minds and searches. It also informs about the rise or fall of a keyword in Google search trends.

  • Google Keyword Planner:

    Another free keyword research tool to get an estimate on selected keywords for your Ads on Google or Social Media. This tool is considered one of the best keyword research tools for Ads.

  • Google Search Console:

    You can track keywords performance on the Google search console. You can see the performance of every selected keyword in your article, webpage, or even all of the keywords for the entire website through the performance tab in Google Serch Console.

  • Keyworddit:

    Reddit provides one of the best keyword generation tools for your business. This tool provides you to generate keywords from the data of volume of searches of any keyword and ideas that users search on Google or other search engines.

  • Keyword Generator:

    Several keyword generator tools are available in the market. Most of them offer a free trial or a few free searches on keywords with keyword volume and difficulties.

  • Keyword Difficulty Checker:

    Different free & paid tools are available to check keyword difficulty to understand how to present your business keywords to hit by users without facing any high competition. Keywords with higher difficulties take more time to rank on SERP. Keywords are performing differently in a different location. So, keywords difficulties are different from one geographical area to another.

  • Keyword Rank Checker:

    Free tools are available to check your keywords ranking among 243 countries in Google. A few of them also provide information about keyword volume with position and difficulties too.

  • Keyword Surfer:

    A free and fastest chrome extension to provide keyword volume of any keyword in Google Search Result. This extension tool provides data with Google guidelines to improve your keyword and increase your ranking.

  • Ahref Webmaster Tools:

    One of the most used tools for keyword research, improving website performance and traffic. One best part is that website owners can use this tool for free after verifying their ownership. This tool is incredible for optimizing your website performance and guides you to do the best for ranking on SERP.

  • SEMRush:

    It is a package of matrices to guide and improve your SEO and ranking. Most reputable businesses and Fortune 500 companies use this SEO Suit to improve online insight and visibility. Although it is a paid tool, a few matrices are free to use. For example, its keyword magic tool is free to use for certain searches per day.

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