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Digital Marketing: lmportant to implement for businesses in Dubai

Digital Marketing: lmportant to implement for businesses in Dubai

Digital marketing is fundamental in its full swing. Attracting and engaging potential global customers and helping them to make their decisions through powerful contents and data.

In Digital Marketing, a business use several tactics from content marketing, for different types of customers and their resemblance to help them to make the best decision for their business or personal use.

Lets’ take a glance at the digital marketing process and its platforms. It’s a chain of data-driven strategies of online marketing; performing based on the presence and interest of the relevant search of an audience.

There are numerous platforms such as search engine optimization(SEO), content marketing, video marketing, social media marketing(SMM), email marketing, PPC or pay-per-click,  SEM or search engine marketing, programmatic marketing, viral marketing, geofencing marketing, inbound marketing, and many more.

However, as mentioned initially that digital marketing is a data-driven systematic process. So, a business must follow some simple rules of recording data and process its strategy according. A business must have analytics, a tracking system of campaigns and ads, and matrices for data collection. Customer Relationship Management or CRM system offers a business all the facilities of measurement of its digital marketing efforts.

Coming back to data, recently Facebook is using as a search engine and ranking in 2nd position with its 2.74 billion users in the present year. 83%  of the global audience using social media as a marketing and advertising platform where an average time spend of a user is 2.4 hours a day.

For branding of a business what would be the best option rather than social media where 91% of the universal audience present and spending their valuable time to watch news of their favourite brands. Approx 45% of the social media users use to following up their favourite brand where 55% of the rest are keen to know about the Upcoming brands.

3 most important aspects of digital marketing to implement in the business in Dubai:

  • Web design & development

    The most important part of the online emergence of a business to start with a website. A strong architecture, appealing user interface (UI), SEO-friendly, and user-friendly website is the foremost requirement of a business to grow online.

    Make sure to make it language-friendly to targeting the audience of a particular language or region. In Dubai, it’s a must-have in both the Arabic and English language to increase reach and generate leads.
  • Creative Content

    Contents must be informative, penetrative, and sagacious to show the audience that your business understands their needs and build trust in them. The audience must have near-to accurate information from the content to drive trust and take a decision.

    Contents with lead magnets are most approachable and creep up on their mind to build trust in the business. Videos, case studies, Trials, Contests, Coupons, etc. are some lead magnets that allure the audience to spend more time and stay connected with the business.

    E-commerce sites such as Amazon, Flipkart apply quiz, live sales as lead magnets to drive traffic on these sites.
  • Astute uses of digital marketing platforms

    A business should astutely use digital marketing platforms to increase brand awareness, visibility, and generate leads. Smart use of social media can higher business growth unbelievably.

    According to Statista and, eMarketer’s data, 420 billion population are active users of social media, where 90% are millennials, 76% of generation x, and  48% of baby boomers loaded social media with their presence nearly 2-3 hours per day.

    As reported by a survey, more than 90% of the audience living in Dubai,  influenced by brands that have a public figure and admired by the common people. One of the reasons for the success of those brands to show their presence on social media and promoted by the influencers.

E-mail marketing is the most convenient way of digital marketing where a business can create a brand image and generate leads. It’s the most powerful way of conversation to a business with their prospects and helps them to understand and resolve their needs.

Numerous matrices are available for tracking data and analytics of the performance of email campaigns that can give a business a powerful insight into strategical email marketing and generate leads.

The most convenient way to reach global customers and growth within the acquisition strategy is to rank top on the SERP or Search Engine Result page organically. This tactic is generally known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO.  

SEO itself is a vast concept but in short, it’s the biggest and useful lever for the growth of a business. Dragging traffic from online platforms by applying contents, links, targeting keywords, technical audits, etc. organic search is the biggest channel from the last decade. To express new ideas and build out smart ways to boost the visibility of organic search a business must focus on tools and several matrices to rank top on the SERP.

Dubai is the fastest-growing country and a business hub in the world. As per data provided by the world data portal 99% of the people using the internet in Dubai which is nearly 18% increased during the last 10 years.

Let us know the idea about your business growth in Dubai. In Probsol Technology, our professional, skilled, and experienced team are always looking forward to making your business easy to grow universally. We’re delivering our expert services of Web design and development, Digital Marketing, Branding and Logo Design, Mobile Application Development for iOS and Android. Contact us and we’ll take care of your business needs.

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