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E Commerce Web Design Tips That Helps to Boost Sales

E Commerce Web Design Tips That Helps to Boost Sales

Reminiscence of former days, searching websites on a smartphone and struggling to read or watch it properly on a tiny screen. It was not a good experience and hard to reach each prospect for a business.

Google updated Mobilegeddon on 21st April 2015, an algorithm to improve better visibility of a website on the mobile screen to enjoy the best User Experience (UX) and growth in ranking on SERP.

It is the most appreciating term that is taken on by the webmasters or the web developers to build the website responsive and a winning breakaway for the businesses to grow vastly through Smartphone SEO.

The layout of a responsive website is fluid and flexible and that provides a better optimization on browsing through different devices and screen sizes.

  • e-commerce website: A website that provides facilities for all sorts of commercial online transactions by purchasing or selling goods ad services.
    On 11th August 1994, the first online transaction was held by selling a CD of a band on a website NetMarket; till then it evolved and expanded such a huge and reach 27trillion USD in 2020.
    E-commerce has grown up within its types of several models and systems.
  • Models of e-commerce: 
    • Business to Business (B2B): A business sells goods and services to another business. Example: ProbSolTechnology provides its experts services of Web design and development, digital marketing, or Mobile App development services to other businesses.
    • Business to Customers (B2C): In this model, customers can obtain goods and services directly from a business to meet their personal or professional requirements. Example: Any individual customer can come by meet their requirements regarding the services provided by ProbSolTechnology.
    • Consumer to Consumer (C2C): Many e-commerce websites now state facilities for trading used products or reselling new products. Here, a consumer can sell something that is no longer useful for them or buy something using a little cheaper from the market.
    • Consumer to Business (C2B): Some websites are meant for selling their products or services directly to a business. Example:  Freelancers are using these sorts of C2B websites for their business.

Types of e-commerce Websites:

  • Retails: Online selling of products and services directly to a customer.
  • Wholesale: Bulk selling to a business or customer for another business or retails.
  • Subscription: Online purchasing of automatic recurring of a service or product.
  • Crowdfunding: Most start-ups use this methodology to raise funds for their business. Later the business shares a percentage of its profits with its fundraisers.
  • Dropshipping: A third-party sale of a product or service and delivery to the doorstep of the consumer through an e-commerce website.
  • Services: Online training or educational websites are examples of services where an individual offers services and invests time in exchange for a few amount of money.
  • Digital Products: Audiences or businesses can purchase digital products from dedicated websites to meet their interest.  Canva is selling its digital products globally.
  • Physical Products: Any substance that is available in a physical form and traded by sellers and buyers.

Importance of responsive websites for e-commerce:

Although it is a period of higher technical uses by most people, hard to keep large devices such as desktops, laptops, or notebooks all the time. The smartphone is the most useful and handy gadget that most individuals carry all the time with them. So, it is easy to reach audiences through a smartphone.

  • A responsive website increases reach to prospects.
  • Higher reach is most likely to increases sales for e-commerce.
  • Additionally, higher reach increases brand awareness.
  • For better browsing optimization, the audience spends more time on the website, improves SEO.
  • Ranking top on the SERP is the best option to reach global customers organically.

How does it work on different screens?

Developers use two different methods to create a responsive website for e-commerce. 

  • Dynamic Serving: By dynamic serving, a website responds differently on different devices by recognizing the device with the same URL. This setup can create through HTML and CSS coding by the developers.
  • Specific URL: In some of the cases, developers use different URLs set up for different devices. The website opens on mobile by using a separate URL specifically created for smartphones.
  • Responsive design techniques: To create a professional e-commerce website, there are numerous techniques and tools used by experts. A few of them are listed here to provide brief information about responsive website design techniques.
  • Responsive navigation menus: Uses a dropdown menu place of the regular row menu for a narrow screen.
  • Responsive images and videos: By using the classic code snippet on CSS gives the fluidity of the image to respond according to the device screen.
  • Proportionate Contextual images: Developers use coding in PHP that serves images in different resolutions. This idea was developed by Craig Russell.
  • CSS media queries & using available space: Based on the available space of the entire page of a browser window, developers change the layout on the stylesheet on CSS and HTML as well.
  • CSS elastic video: To use this trick, developers follow a specified snippet on CSS to make HTML5 videos. The iframe object embedded code with absolute positioning creates an automatic expanded full-width layout for videos based on space available on the page of a particular device.
  • Resizeable images: Using some attributes on CSS, to make images resizable automatically on a responsive website.
  • Responsive Newsletters: Media queries offers a few techniques and snippets to make the Newsletters mobile responsive. Users can scroll the page with ease.
  • Responsive Emails designs on CSS and HTML for smartphones: Following the same user experience while scrolling on emails on mobile phones, developers use screen-size-specific media queries on stylesheets to improve mobile optimization of emails.
  • Debugging CSS: To make the layout better and error-free, developers use debugging tools and allow to test of CSS queries directly on browsers.

ProbsolTechnology is one of the expert Web design company in Oman. Our expertise in Web design and development has satisfied our customers for many years. Our professionals are experts on all types of websites such as e-commerce, responsible, dynamic, parallax, etc. We love to serve our best for your business needs.


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