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Why do visitors love to visit websites with better UX & UI? Is it helpful for businesses in UAE?

Why do visitors love to visit websites with better UX & UI? Is it helpful for businesses in UAE?

If you can look back at the 90s websites, you can see some simple HTML coding only, representing a few details about a person, any business, or might be some useful information. But now, the whole scenario is changed. Using advanced CSS, Javascript, along with HTML, PHP, Laravel, Java, Python, Ruby, and so on many languages to represent fully functional 3D websites and you can do whatever you want to do on those websites.

Websites are the presentation of businesses. An out-an-out designed website says about your work, efficiency, efforts, ethics, reliability, and a lot more about your business. So, a website must be well-developed, well-equipped with easy navigation, CTA, intelligently used spaces to allow visitors to roam around and stick with the website. 

Businesses in UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and the other parts of Middle East Asia are growing rapidly with the help of the internet. The virtual showrooms are the replica of their businesses and are the biggest reason behind the attractive, user-friendly web design in UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, etc.

A skillfully developed website with bonzer UI & UX can increase nearly 75% of its credibility and aid to bring off business goals.

What is the difference between UX and UI?

UX stands for User Experience which means when a visitor lands on any website, mobile application, or any other networking platform, he/she must ease up on the interior, with each of the elements such as the color, fonts, images, graphics, navigation, usability, design, spaces around elements, easy to move around all the content, easily recognize the products, services, and overall business. UX design is more often a blueprint of a showroom that is present in the virtual world.

UI is the representative between the user and the digital platform; it might be a website, a mobile app, or any networking platform but here the case is about websites. So, when a visitor visits your website, the UI regulates and ascertains all the activities of visitors. You can think of it as the functional parts of a virtual showroom.

Both UX and UI are significant, bonafide for web design and development, and complementary to each other. Without a clean, spacious, easy to move on, no wonder that a visitor can’t stay for a moment and spend a little time for their needs.

For example, it’s exactly the feeling when a guest visits a restaurant and can’t find a proper table according to his /her preference or inside a showroom, he/she can’t able to find anything because of the mess and leave the showroom without wasting much time.

Probsol Technology is one of the significant web design and development companies in UAE, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. We determine all the possible layouts in UI design to make all functions easier; UX design is focused on seamless design, with all the premises of ease, and true-blue withal.

Connect us, book a consultation for your website design and development for the higher potential ROI from your business and we’ll be happy to help you.

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