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Pay Per Click and Search Engine Marketing are the effective marketing methods to get potential customers. ProbSol Technology as one of the advertising agencies in Germany provides online advertising services to our clients for better business.

Why ProbSol

We can offer the best advertising methods to target the audience in a cost effective manner. We are assuring maximum conversion rates and high traffic to the website through the paid marketing strategy. As the leading ad agency Berlin, with the help of the latest technology we ensure the highest return from the marketing strategies.

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Importance of PPC for business

Pay Per Click is one of the successful forms of digital marketing methods which can offer the highest ROI from the campaign. This will help to achieve more business through proper targeting.

  • Measurable
  • Trackable
  • Work on all marketing channels

Benefits of using PPC

PPC campaigns have the ability to measure their effectiveness and they can maximize the ROI by spending a small amount.

  • Immediate result PPC can assure immediate result with maximum conversion
  • Budget control Business can choose any amount of money they plan to spend
  • High revenue Assure maximum revenue from PPC
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Advantages of search engine marketing

Search engine marketing helps to improve the website traffic and that will be beneficial for the ranking and visibility. As one of the top advertising agencies in Germany, our team can assure more business for our clients.

  • Fast Visibility
  • Easy to Target
  • Increases Traffic
  • Simple Management

Benefits of search engine marketing

Search engine marketing is measurable and the reports can be generated for evaluation. SEM is conversion focused and can provide better results than any other type of campaigns. As the leading advertising agency in Munich, our experienced digital marketers can provide best results through effective targeting. There is no minimum amount for ad creation even small businesses can utilize the benefit of Search engine marketing.

  • Easy to manage
  • Brand awareness
  • Target right audience

Grow your business with ProbSol

ProbSol Technology as the online marketing agency Berlin provides the paid marketing services to our clients. Our 25 years of experience in digital marketing make us experts in this area and we can have our own strategies to get better results from social media. We can assure the maximum reach and business conversions through our service.

Importance of search engine marketing on business

Search engine marketing is the cost effective method to get more business through online marketing. SEM can improve brand awareness as it is positioned on the first page of search engines through the marketing strategy. As SEM is a conversion focused method more audience can generate leads and convert to business. ProbSol Technology provides the best services of online marketing Germany. We can offer our various strategies for our clients to get business.

  • Flexibility
  • Location based
  • Real time tracking
  • Fast
  • Measurable
  • Quality leads

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  • Why is PPC important ?

    PPC helps to improve the brand visibility and the web traffic to the website will be increased. Being one of the top advertising agencies in Germany we can assure the increase in sales with the PPC campaign.

  • What is the impression of PPC ?

    Impression means the number of times a specific ad viewed by person

  • What is the difference between SEO and SEM ?

    SEO is the organic method to reach the first page of search engines. SEM is the paid method to reach the first page of a search engine. As we are the digital marketing masters in Germany we can ensure results on both SEM and SEO methods.


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