Custom software development any day makes your business run faster. In this digital world, we cannot stick to the old ways of performing the business operations. Our routine internal processes need automation, our operations need to be secured, unseen wastage needs to be eliminated. A software development company like ours can help you in doing that. At ProbSol Technology, we first understand your business operations, manual processes, unseen wastes, security loopholes and then design solutions that are a perfect fit your business so that you can focus on your core competency. When it comes to custom software development company in Saudi Arabia, ProbSol Technology can be the best choice due to the expertise we have in building custom solutions for small, mid and large-scale companies.

Web Application

Web Application

Desktop Apps are widely used when there is no internet connectivity provided and you cannot afford latency issues. Therefore, they are widely used in automation and data processing tools. As a leading software development company here in Saudi Arabia, we ensure that UI/UX standard are met as per the platform you are using and of course industry standards.

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Desktop Application

Businesses are migrating from mainframe legacy systems to web based applications to reduce their costs. Customer facing businesses are also moving towards web based apps to stay connected to them. We have experience in delivering complex functionalities with scalable and high-performance architecture which makes us the best software company of Saudi Arabia. Are you looking for a custom software development company in Saudi Arabia? Contact Us and we would be glad to work with you.

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Web Application

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  • What is the difference between Custom software & off the shelf software ?

    Custom softwares is specially made for targeted audiences as per requirements. Off-the- shelf softwares is ready-made softwares available in the market.

  • What does custom software cost?

    This may depend on the requirement and complexity of the application. Being the software development company in KSA, we can ensure high quality software at a reliable rate.

  • How could my business benefit from custom software?

    Our software developers in the KSA develops customized software applications that will help to automate the process and improve efficiency and accuracy.


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