ProbSol Technology's major focus is on customized software to achieve the vision we have. We work in different technologies like Java, .Net & PHP to make software based on client's requirement. Our major focus while making software is to make sure we provide user friendly and bug free system so that our customers can get better business or their users can use the application in ease manner. Every application has minimum 2 sides of it: Admin Side and End User Side. High level features of a software: User friendly UI, Security, Authentication and Authorization, Backend for Administrator, Reduced human effort.

Web Application

Web Application

Web Application is accessible from anywhere in the world. Anyone can access it using the desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile. It is very useful for the end user who can access it as and when required. Users just need to access the link of an application, put credentials and they are ready to use it.

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Desktop Application

Desktop Application is useful for the business where they want to restrict their users to use the application to a particular system. It is a .exe file which install application to the client side and client and its users would be ready to use the application. Client needs to follow normal installation process for the same. Barcode scanning system in a mall is biggest example of Desktop Application

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  • Technical Design
  • Development
  • Implementation
  • Testing
  • Maintenance
Happy Clients
Projects Completed
Happy Clients
Happy Clients
Web Application

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  • What is the difference between Custom software & off the shelf software ?

    Custom softwares is specially made for targeted audiences as per requirements. Off-the- shelf softwares is ready-made softwares available in the market.

  • What does custom software cost?

    This may depend on the requirement and complexity of the application. Being the software development company in UAE

  • How could my business benefit from custom software?

    Our software developers in the UAE develops customized software applications that will help to automate the process and improve efficiency and accuracy.


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