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Did you know About the 3 Ds of Mobile App Development Process

Did you know About the 3 Ds of Mobile App Development Process

Having a dedicated mobile application is necessary for any brand’s success. It connects the consumers as well as other stakeholders with your brand. It’s important to enable users to access certain information concerning your Australia based business.

Before approaching a mobile app development company in Australia region, it’s better to know the process and the relevant in-and-outs.

Almost all the android app development companies in Australia region and the iOS app development companies based in Australia follow this process.

Read on to find out how the 3 D’s of Mobile App Development work…

  1. Design
  2. Development
  3. Distribution
  • Implementing the Perfect Product DESIGN

Being an initial level of the entire process, the first thing to be done is brainstorming and discussion. Your requirements as a client are understood, your concept is grasped and thorough analysis of the same is done.

Proficient app designers prepare a roadmap or a blueprint of the app. Its structure is shown to you for approval. Convincing prototypes are designed to suit customer expectations and requirements.

Various UI (User Interface) designs are prepared and proposed for approval.

  • Completing the Process of Product DEVELOPMENT

All the technicalities, specifications, changes to the blueprint, alterations in the structure and system architecture are done in this phase. Main app’s API interface is controlled by a backend app, enabling it to link with the database.

Several iterations are made and mock execution is showcased to you until the desired results are obtained. It goes on until the mobile application is fully developed and is ready to be used.

Constant checks and reviews are taken before any kind of finalization. Ultimately, achieving a subtle balance between the appearance of the app and its functionality is the major goal.

  • Ensuring Smooth Product DISTRIBUTION Channels

It just doesn’t end at the development phase – companies ensure that your mobile application enters the application stores of certain operating systems. This is called launching of the application into the main market. It includes testing of the application and its final delivery. Such distribution is the company’s responsibility.

Customers are assured that only those online market channels will be explored which bring value to the table. On the basis of your target audience and different device platforms, the app launch will be implemented.

Android OS, iOS and Windows operating system are the platforms for which the apps are generally launched. The app can also be made to go live on cross-platforms depending upon your marketing scope and requisites.

ProbSol Technology, a leading mobile app development company for Australia region, along with being a custom software development company in Saudi Arabia based companies.

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